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Killer Lillis to net €353,000 after liquidation of Celine's TV firm

CONVICTED killer Eamonn Lillis has bagged €353,508 following the liquidation of the TV production firm founded by his late wife, Celine Cawley.

Documents filed at the Companies Office show that after creditors were paid off, Toytown Films had a balance of €707,016, with more than €350,000 going to Lillis -- who was a joint shareholder in the firm -- and the remainder going to Ms Cawley's estate.

Toytown Films was placed into voluntary liquidation three months after Lillis killed his wife with a brick on the patio of their home in Howth, Co Dublin, in 2008.

The windfall comes as the Cawley family prepares for a legal battle to stop Lillis benefitting from the properties he jointly owned with his wife.

Details of the windfall will be heard in the High Court today, if an expected hearing proceeds.

Lillis is legally prevented from inheriting any of his wife's assets because he was convicted of killing her. However, he claims he is entitled to half of the properties they held in joint ownership.

Ms Cawley's sister Susanna and brother Christopher, who are joint administrators of the estate, are expected to argue that the properties should go to the couple's only child, Georgia, who recently turned 18.

They include the family home in Howth worth an estimated €1.5m, an apartment in Sutton, Dublin, and a holiday home in France.

Lillis (53) initially denied killing his wife, inventing an elaborate tale that she was killed by an intruder.

Lillis has complained that his privacy will be invaded as a result of the legal action being taken by Ms Cawley's siblings.

The hearing is also likely to force him to reveal details of his relationship with his daughter because he claims that she is the only reason he wants to hold on to the family properties.

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