Thursday 14 December 2017

Killer could not accept his relationship had failed

Barry Duggan

QUADRUPLE murderer John Geary (37) could not accept that his relationship with his former partner had ended and murdered her.

Originally from Milford, Co Cork, Geary was living for a short period of time in Meadow Court, Newcastle West, Co Limerick when he took the lives of his ex-partner Sarah Hines (25) and their five month old baby daughter Amy, as well as Reece Hines (3) and Alicia Brough (20).

Geary comes from a well respected and private family in north Cork.

His father leased land to work as a farmer and some of John Geary's siblings later moved abroad.

Geary met Sarah Hines while he studied at the Organic College in Dromcollogher, Co Limerick. Sarah's stepfather, Peter Rolfe, also studied there.

The couple lived together for a while at a crumbling cottage in Dromcollogher and had a daughter, Amy.

However, Ms Hines ended their relationship and moved into the rented home in Newcastle West.

In the days before he committed the murders, Geary moved into accommodation at Meadow Court.

Sarah's brother, Chris (23), who also studied in Dromcollogher, said Geary could not take that the relationship had ended.

"He couldn't get the message that she was finished with him.

"He couldn't accept it. He kept on hanging in there," Chris said.

"He used to babysit little Amy after it ended, but we didn't think he was that type of fella – we didn't think he was capable of that," he said.

When gardai entered the Kilkee bar to arrest him the day after the four murders, Geary provided them with a false name, but officers identified him immediately.

He was questioned by officers and was charged with all four murders five days after they were all stabbed to death.

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