Sunday 19 November 2017

Killally's fourth child brings positive news

Ronald Quinlan

Ronald Quinlan

BEFORE it all came undone, they were known as 'Edenderry's Posh 'n' Becks', such was the extravagance of their lifestyle and the excesses they enjoyed during the property boom.

Yesterday, embattled accountant, auctioneer and ex-Offaly County Councillor (FF) Ger Killally set all the troubles the bust has brought him aside to celebrate the christening of his and his wife Naomi's fourth child, Ferdia David.

Proudly introduced in a lengthy notice carried in the Irish Times, the Killallys' latest addition is described as a "new hand to hold" for Ger and Naomi's three other children, Odhran, Iarfhlaith and Beibhinn.

The charming family announcement certainly represents the most positive thing the bankrupt Mr Killally -- a one-time political running mate of former Taoiseach Brian Cowen -- has read about himself in a newspaper since December 2009 at least.

That was the last time he and his wife decided to take out a newspaper ad (again in the Irish Times) to announce the christening of their daughter, Beibhinn. "Mummy and Daddy, Naomi and Ger, are 'in the pink'!" they had declared.

Since then, coverage of the affairs of Mr Killally has tended to focus on the more depressing matter of the €10m lawsuit taken against him, a Dublin law firm and other financial advisers by former investors alleging his involvement in fraudulent land deals.

In setting out their claim, the investors alleged that, unknown to them, Mr Killally had acquired some 32.4 acres, at Mount Lucas, Daingean, for some €4.7m in May 2007 and arranged a scheme under which the land would be sold on to them for €10.6m almost immediately.

The investors claimed damages against Mr Killaly, a Dublin law firm and other financial advisers for a failure to disclose the true nature of the deals.

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