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Sunday 18 February 2018

Kieran Mulvey: 'Nobody wins with decision to cancel the Garth Brooks concerts'

The cancellation of the Garth Brooks concerts will have a knock on impact for the country and "nobody wins”, said Kieran Mulvey of the Labour Relations Commission.

Mulvey was the author of the Mulvey Report, drawn up during the mediation process between concert promoters and residents, which proposed that more than three concerts in a row should never again be held in Croke Park.

He expressed his disappointment that the concerts would not be held in a radio interview this evening.

“I think it’s a pity. It is a tragedy for the fans who bought tickets. It is problem for the country and how we are seen internationally and for the tourism market. Nobody wins. I am sure we will now enter the usual past time of recrimination.”

Mulvey said he “thought I got close enough to addressing 99pc concerns of the residents.

“There was a small group of people who were never going to be satisfied.”

Mulvey said that he thought there was no “going back once Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan made his decision”.

He said that there was no way the decision could "be rescued"

"I don't know if we will ever see Garth Brooks play in this country again. From what I understand the man himself, is very unhappy with the decision."

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