Wednesday 21 February 2018

Key areas the Government has still to standardise ...

The key standardisation measures still unresolved include:

•Wide-ranging annual leave:

A dispute over plans to abolish privilege days in the civil service earlier this year means any proposals to standardise annual leave in other sectors are on hold.

Now the minister has to deal with the issue of annual leave on a public sector-wide basis and there is no indication when this will happen.

In addition, the Civil, Public and Services Union is unhappy that higher grades have held on to their privilege days while they gave up 'bank time' they got to cash cheques.

•Variation in working week length:

The deadline to implement a standardised working week in local government was missed last April.

More than 7,000 staff are on an average working week of 33 hours and 45 minutes, or less than seven hours a day. A dispute on the issue was referred to the Implementation Body overseeing the Croke Park deal.

However, the issue is now being dealt with by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on a public-sector wide basis.

•Different pay rates and perks in different sectors:

Deadlines in this area have been missed and a recent Labour Court case involving fire fighters set a troublesome precedent for those seeking reform.

Last April was the deadline for the standardisation of pay rates for part-time fire fighters, but the Labour Court threw out a proposal to pay them all by the minute.

Reforming pay rates, perks and allowances in other parts of the public service could be equally problematic.

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