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Kenny's most powerful speech yet bore 'all the hallmarks of a speechwriter'

SO far it will be remembered as the most powerful speech of Enda Kenny's early tenure as Taoiseach.

Credit for Mr Kenny's historic speech on the Cloyne Report was being given largely to the Taoiseach himself last night.

But sources said the landmark Dail address had "all the hallmarks" of Mr Kenny's speechwriter Miriam O'Callaghan.

His advisers Mark Kennelly and Angela Flanagan were also credited with playing a part. Mr Kennelly is the Taoiseach's Chef de Cabinet and has worked with Mr Kenny since he became Fine Gael leader in 2002.

He is paid a salary of €168,000.

Ms Flanagan is a former parliamentary assistant for Richard Bruton. She moved to the Fine Gael research team in 2007 to become a policy officer.

She now works as a policy adviser in the Taoiseach's office and is on a salary of €80,500.

Ms O'Callaghan -- a namesake of the RTE presenter -- is a long-time speechwriter of Mr Kenny's.

Fine Gael sources said the speech had "all the hallmarks of a scriptwriter and has Miriam O'Callaghan all over it".

However, Mr Kenny's own involvement in the speech was also apparent, according to insiders.

Mr Kenny's spokesman would not reveal the identity of those involved in the speech.

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