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Kenny's in the Frontline but he'll miss Late Late craic

Pat Kenny yesterday revealed he will miss the light-hearted banter of the 'Late Late Show'.

Speaking ahead of 'The Frontline', his new current affairs TV show, which starts tonight, he said: "I know I will miss the showbiz side of things, where I got to meet people people who I never would have met.

"Like, to sit down with Billy Connolly is great craic; it's a great treat. And even our home-grown guys, like the Tommy Tiernans, it does your heart good.

"After encounters like that, you just feel elated and laughter is definitely the best medicine. I won't have very much of that on 'The Frontline'."

The 61-year-old, who stepped down as presenter of the 'Late Late' in June after a 10-year tenure, has been quick to offer advice to his successor.

"I think Ryan Tubridy is doing really well for a situation where the expectations are very high. I did say to him on the Monday morning, after the first show, 'Just pace yourself'," he revealed.

"I also suggested to him that you shouldn't set the bar too high for himself. Keep expectations under control and then you can always surprise and delight. If you set the bar too high, you set yourself up to disappoint."

The first show in the new 'Late Late' season saw an appearance by Taoiseach Brian Cowen after which there was some criticism that the fresh-faced host did not allow him to answer questions properly.

"I just felt they had crammed the show with stuff to show the versatility of Ryan -- that he could do a serious interview with the Taoiseach, that he could interview a doyenne of showbiz like Joan Collins -- he was trying to tick all of the boxes," said Mr Kenny.

"I think if there was any criticism, [it] is that they tried to put too much into it and everything had to be hustled along."

The first edition of 'The Frontline' tonight will focus on the economic crisis.

Mr Kenny said his new hour-long show would be very dependent on interaction between the audience, who will be picked for their interest in the week's topic or topics.

Mr Kenny confirmed that the show would also feature some satire, and the occasional panel of guests.

  • 'The Frontline' is on RTE One at 10.35pm.