Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kellyann's family urge jailed wife-killer to 'face the truth'

Elaine Keogh

The family of a woman killed in Spain by her husband has called on him to "face up to the truth" and take responsibility for his "heinous crime".

Speaking yesterday, the family of mother-of-two Kellyann Corcoran (29) said they were "satisfied and relieved" that her husband Dermot McArdle (41) was now in jail in Spain.

He was extradited to Spain on August 5 -- which should have been the couple's 16th wedding anniversary -- to begin a two-year prison sentence for her manslaughter.

McArdle, from Brookfield, Haynestown, Dundalk, Co Louth, was convicted after a trial in Spain in 2008, which heard Kellyann died after falling from a hotel balcony in Marbella on February 11, 2000.

The couple had been holidaying there with their children.

McArdle's extradition marked the end of a lengthy legal battle taken by him against the Spanish authorities and the extradition process.

Yesterday in a statement, the extended Corcoran family said they were "satisfied and relieved that Dermot McArdle's series of attempts to block and frustrate the course of justice, for over 11 years, have come to an end".

The statement said that McArdle's "costly legal battles, that were often supported by his family, friends and sometimes even funded by the Irish taxpayer, have proved to be meaningless and futile".

The hard-hitting statement called on McArdle to use his two-year prison term "to reflect on his actions, face up to the truth and take responsibility for the heinous crime that he committed against Kellyann, her immediate family and her extended family".

They said his "delay tactics and actions have prolonged the pain and suffering endured by Kellyann's family".


The Corcoran family made a special mention of the support they have had since Kellyann's death and said they were very grateful for the hard work and persistence of the authorities in Ireland and Spain.

"We are also extremely appreciative for the unbounded kindness and heartening support that we received from our friends, relations and from the countless decent people in our town of Dundalk and beyond."

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