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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Keep Savita's name out of abortion row – husband

PRAVEEN Halappanavar was left "hurt" and "distressed" by the use of his wife Savita's image during an attack on a pro-life office, writes Caroline Crawford.

Excrement was smeared on the door, locks and shutters of the Youth Defence office on Capel St in Dublin in an attack by abortion rights campaigners. Photos and news clippings about Mrs Halappanavar (31) were stuck to the building.

"Praveen was deeply distressed by the events. He doesn't want Savita's name or memory tarnished in this manner," said his solicitor Gerard O'Donnell. "He doesn't want to be embroiled in the dispute that is going on around this issue, he is simply looking for answers on his wife's death."

The Galway solicitor also said that Mr Halappanavar has still not been furnished with a copy of the report into the death of Savita more than two weeks after a draft report was leaked.

The report suggested Galway hospital staff underestimated her condition for too long and told she would miscarry.

She was diagnosed with sepsis days after her admission and this progressed to septic shock. She suffered a cardiac arrest and died as a result.

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