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Keano is the talk of Glasgow

TALK of ticket allocations and Scottish grannies - topics that had dominated the build-up to tonight's crunch qualifier - quickly went out the window as fans descended on Scotland's largest city.

The most polarising man in Irish football was at it again - slap-bang in the centre of just about everyone's focus.

"Well, Roy Keane is the reason we've started following the team again. We've started travelling again since he came back. We probably wouldn't be here otherwise," testified Lina Delaney, from Ballinabranna, Co Carlow, as she arrived in Glasgow Airport with husband Danny. "He gives them more fire, which they need," she added thoughtfully.

And Lina was not alone in her defence of Keano. "You would think fans like that wouldn't be interfering with the preparations for the team ahead of what is a really important game. It must get annoying, people wandering around the hotel. You can understand it really."

"He's crazy," was the assessment of Fionntan Devlin (13) - a second cousin of Aiden McGeady. But returning to matters on the field, Fionntan (inset) forecast a 2-1 win for Ireland with captain Robbie Keane coming to the rescue. Maybe Keano's crazy edge can give us a winning advantage.

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