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Katy's death 'highlighted cocaine dangers'

A FORMER Dublin coroner has said there have been fewer fatalities from cocaine abuse since the death of model Katy French.

Dr Kieran Geraghty, who has just retired as the Dublin County coroner after 12 years, said he believed that the death of the high-profile model had highlighted the dangers associated with cocaine use.

"What the experts say is if you warn people about things like that, it makes no difference, but actually to my mind there has been a fall-off in deaths from cocaine since then," said Dr Geraghty, who has issued many public warnings about the dangers of cocaine.

"I'd say Katy French particularly highlighted the dangers of it maybe," he said.

"I think it's probably worth warning people about something like that."

Dr Geraghty also expressed concern about binge drinking among young people and said it was surprising greater numbers did not die from the effects of alcohol, considering what they drank.

He described binge drinking as a "very dangerous" way of drinking, but said young people were "oblivious to the real dangers" of alcohol.

"Alcohol is probably the biggest killer," said Dr Geraghty.

"One of the things that shocks me nowadays as a doctor is (that)I have young people coming in to me and they seem to want to binge drink.

"They go out and get sick every weekend. They don't just go out to have a pleasant few drinks.

"They are drinking shots and they are competing to see how much they can drink.

'It's so dangerous... it's amazing more of them don't die from it. People should do things in moderation," he said.

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