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Kamal: I didn't threaten or bully Donal McIntyre over Limerick documentary


Left, Donal McIntyre. Right, Kamal Ibrahim.

Left, Donal McIntyre. Right, Kamal Ibrahim.

Left, Donal McIntyre. Right, Kamal Ibrahim.

TV3'S Donal McIntyre has blasted RTE star Kamal Ibrahim as "offensive", as the men clashed yet again this morning about National Lottery presenter Ibrahim's recent online tirade at McIntyre's programme on youth crime in Limerick.

After watching a promo for Mr McIntyre's documentary, which aired last night, Mr Ibrahim unleashed a verbal onslaught on his facebook page, stating: "I feel like standing two inches in front of his face and shouting at the top of my voice to ‘F**k o** back to England and stop bullying Limerick."

Mr Ibrahim, a former Mr World, who is a Limerick native added: "This b******t documentary commissioned by TV3 has a direct impact on the people of Limerick and more importantly, EVERYONE ELSE, especially those who have never been to Limerick before and Donal knows it. He also knows he would never get away with making something like this in the UK because he’d be sacked."

The two men appeared this morning as guests on Joe Nash's radio talk show in Limerick to discuss the documentary, which Mr Ibrahim and others felt painted an unfair negative image of Limerick.

However, Mr McIntyre said the reaction to the programme was "largely hysterical".

He added: "And, in some cases, in Kamal's case, kind of offensive and not really befitting of somebody who wanted a career in the broadcasting industry, threatening to beat me up and telling me I should go back to England, where I share my life with my family and I work in Ireland and England, that's what Irish emigrants do. I found that particularly offensive."

"Limerick, to me, has always been a sports city. It has a reputation, and it was at one stage in 2008 the homicide capital of Europe...but it's now had a fantastic year. Our programme was not about Limerick. It's about youth crime. It's about smart interventions which should be supported, and new initiative and policies."

Directly addressing the TV3 crime reporter, Mr Ibrahim refuted any suggestion he had personally attacked Mr McIntyre: "Donal, I didn't make an attack on you, I didn't threaten you physically or any way shape or form, and for you to come on a (radio) station in my home town...to say that I bullied you, in that way, is way out of line."

"It was vaguely offensive to me for you to say I should go back to England," Mr McIntyre responded.

Mr Ibrahim hit back: "Stop right there. I did not say that. What I said was, 'I feel like shouting at you and telling you to go to England', because that's how I felt. That's how I felt, I was angry."

He added: "I sent you an email last night, on the comments on facebook, and I told you in that email that I was not out to make enemies and I told you why I was so annoyed."

Mr McIntyre said: "I accept he was angry. I accept that. But there is no room for 'effin' and wanting to 'eff' me out on his Facebook page."

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