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Friday 17 January 2020

Just three new roads -- which we'll pay to use

Paul Melia

THE State could rake in €200m a year by introducing new tolls on motorways and dual carrtiageways, according to an analysis by the National Roads Authority (NRA).

Just three new roads projects will go ahead in the next six years -- and motorists face the prospect of paying to use them.

The Government admitted yesterday that extra money will have to be spent repairing roads damaged last winter, despite previously insisting repairs would be funded from existing budgets.

This means the bulk of 'new' investment will be on maintaining and repairing existing roads.

"Six billion euro will be spent on close-out payments associated with the completion of the major inter-urban road routes and delivering a select number of strategic road projects," the Infrastructure Investment Priorities 2010-2016 report said.

"Within these allocations there will also be funding for important safety and maintenance work and for progressing planning of future transport priorities."

Projects include the completion of motorways between Dublin and Galway, Cork, Limerick, the Border and Waterford.

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