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Thursday 22 February 2018

Just show us the money

BEFORE we start, we should point out that People are Talking is very pro the Dalai Lama. To us, he's the indie Pope, Tibet's most eligible bachelor. For a supreme religious leader, he really is surprisingly cuddly.

However, if we hear another international leader tell us to chillax about our economic woes and look for peace "within" we may scream.

Newsflash: Our souls don't want improving penury or "discovering the real meaning in life", thanks all the same; they want our 800-thread-count sheets. They want weekend breaks. They want a Brown Thomas charge card. They want, most of all, for things to go back to how they used to be, when we were all filthy rich and pitied people from other countries for not being born here.

Of course, his holiness didn't see it like that. "Billionaires, they are, I notice, very unhappy people. Very powerful, but deep inside, too much anxiety, too much stress," he told a crowd in Kildare, not knowing that we've had all the spiritual pep talk we can take.

Let's just hope the Queen and Barack Obama have the good grace to flaunt their wealth in our faces.

Donal Lynch

Sunday Indo Living

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