Thursday 19 April 2018

Just another cool thing a drone can do: How this Irish man rescued a girl locked in the bathroom

Just another cool thing your drone can do
Just another cool thing your drone can do
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

We all know someone who has locked themselves in a bathroom but we’ve never seen a rescue as cool as this.

Cork man Cillian Irish from Irish Droneworks used his Phantom drone to rescue a girl who locked herself into a bathroom and recorded it to share with us all.

“I used my Phantom today to save a damsel in distress who had locked herself into the bathroom and couldn't get back out,” he wrote on Facebook.

“We sent the Phantom up to the window with a length of twine tied on to one leg. She was able to tie the key to the string and we successfully retrieved the key and opened it from the outside for her.

“Mission success!”

Watch the amazing footage here that shows that drones aren’t just for aerial photography.

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