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Just 16pc of Irish hotels sign up to 'green' ways

Irish hotels are throwing away millions of euro every year in the amount of waste going to landfill.

Yet less than 16pc of hotels have signed up to the Green Hospitality Programme that's run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Irish Hotels' Federation (IHF) has questioned how seriously the industry is taking the programme if only 16pc had signed up as members.

An audit carried out by the programme in 2005 showed that Irish hotels were spending €100m too much each year on energy, water and waste.

Energy consumption was 63pc higher and hotels were producing twice as much waste as hotels in other countries.

The audit also revealed that Irish hotels were using twice as much water as hotels abroad with a similar temperate climate.

A review of the performance of members who had signed up to the programme shows energy consumption had reduced by between 20pc and 50pc and waste going to landfill was reduced by up to 90pc.

The programme's top-20 list has listed the country's greenest hotel as the Westport Woods Hotel in Co Mayo.

Irish Independent