Wednesday 25 April 2018

Junior Cert results night: Some disorientated teens but most students ‘well behaved’

Teenagers on Dame street out celebrating their junior cert results.
Teenagers on Dame street out celebrating their junior cert results.
Junior Cert students out in Dublin celebrating their results
Students out celebrating their Junior Cert results

Sasha Brady

Almost 60,000 students across the country received their Junior Cert results yesterday and last night was a time of well-deserved celebrations.

Many nightclubs across Dublin hosted underage events with a strict non-alcohol policy.

However, some teenagers appeared worse for wear as they struggled to walk through the cobblestone streets of Temple Bar.

One young teenage girl was seen sprawled across the ground as her female friend struggled to drag her up.

"We're going home. We haven't had a good night. We can't get in anywhere," her friend said.

A number of teenagers complained of conditions at a Junior Cert event held in a  city centre nightclub.

"It was so hot and crowded in there, I couldn't breathe," explained one boy.

"I had to step outside to get some air and now they won't let me back in. I spent €20 on a ticket and now I have to go home - I was only there for an hour," his friend added.

Junior Cert students out in Dublin celebrating their results
Junior Cert students out in Dublin celebrating their results

One teenage girl explained that she felt uncomfortable walking through the streets of Dublin last night.

"I feel like a lot of older men are looking at me. One man just came up and stared at me. He grabbed my arm. It wasn't nice." she said.

Students out celebrating their Junior Cert results
Students out celebrating their Junior Cert results

Outside a nightclub in north Dublin, emergency services and the gardai tended to teenagers who appeared to be tired and disorientated.

However, they emphasised that there was minimum trouble and most of the Junior Cert students were well behaved.

"We're making sure that everyone is looked after and they get home safe," a spokesperson said.

However, not everyone chose to hit the nightclubs to celebrate.

A large number of students chose to dine out with friends and family or visit the cinema.

A group of girls visiting Cineworld cinema on Parnell Street said that they felt a lot of pressure to drink tonight but preferred to stay away from trouble.

"We told our friends in school that we were heading to a party at home but the truth is, we're heading to the cinema instead. Everyone in our class has been making plans to get alcohol for tonight and we've seen (Snapchats) of the drink they're sneaking in. It's going to be messy but I just don't think it's worth it," one of the girls said.

They explained that it's easier to lie about partying and drinking rather than admit the truth to their peers.

"I've drank before and my mam found out and I've never heard the end of it. I didn't enjoy it and I don't like being around my friends when they're drunk. It gets too messy and there's usually trouble," she continued.

The girls expressed the need for more unique events in Dublin on Junior Cert results night.

"I wish there was something really different to do. Maybe an open-air cinema event or something like that? Just something a bit more interesting than heading into town and getting drunk."

Earlier this week Alcohol Action Ireland said that while students should celebrate their results, alcohol should play no part in any nights out.

“It’s natural that students who are getting their Junior Cert results this week want to celebrate with their friends,” said Conor Cullen, Head of Communications and Advocacy with Alcohol Action Ireland.

“However, alcohol should play no part in these celebrations and there is a real and immediate obligation on alcohol retailers to ensure that they are not selling alcohol to people under the age of 18.”

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