Thursday 13 December 2018

Julianne won't let €500,000 win go to her head

Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne

THE last time Julianne Mullin won on the Lotto, she blew all the cash before she left the shop.

But the young saleswoman's €68 winnings on that occasion pale into insignificance compared to the half-million euro she collected yesterday.

And after scooping the €500,000 on last week's Euromillions draw, she vowed to keep working and spend the cash wisely.

Ms Mullin (28), from Belleek, Co Fermanagh, said she "could not believe it" when she learned of her win.

Many winners might already have decided to splurge on lavish indulgences, but Julianne said she had her spending spree at Christmas.

Champagne flowed as Julianne was toasted yesterday at Lotto headquarters in Dublin.

Accompanied by her father Seamus, mother Christine, boyfriend Dominic Leonard, and his father Frankie, she was all smiles as she picked up the Euromillions Plus jackpot.

She was also joined by her brother, freshly called-up Fermanagh senior panel footballer Brian Mullin, who abstained from the bubbly on offer -- citing a training session.

Julianne bought the lucky €6 ticket in McCaugheys, South Mall Shopping Centre, Monaghan town on January 6 -- the day of the draw. "I checked it on the quick scanner twice and then that was it."

Although she lives in the North, Ms Mullin travels across all 32 counties in her job as a saleswoman and said that she always does the Lotto. She laughed: "The news spread like wildfire, everyone was delighted for me."

Speaking about her plans for the cash, she said: "I'll probably just spend a bit of it. You know the normal: car, maybe a holiday. I had planned to go to Australia." But she'll be back at work on Monday.

She and Dominic have been together for eight years, but she laughed off suggestions of a wedding.

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