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Sunday 17 December 2017

Judge targeted by foreign hackers over Eircom ruling reporters

A High Court judge who issued an order to block access to a file-sharing website has revealed he was personally targeted by computer hackers.

Today's Irish Times reports that Mr Justice Peter Charleton told a US conference earlier this year that gardai warned him that hackers from central Asia were targeting him following his controversial decision forcing Eircom to block the Pirate Bay website. The decision was part of a settlement between the internet provider and the music label EMI.

The order in 2009 was the first issued by an Irish court blocking access to a website.

"[The gardai] told me that my judgment had not gone down well in places like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, among others. These are places where there is no control at all on the internet, or so I was told," Mr Charleton told the conference.

“I was regarded as a traitor... to freedom of expression on the internet. Threats were made that my life would be ‘wrecked by computer’. The people in question, the cyber-terrorists, were proposing to hack into my computer to get my credit card and other details, order any number of pizzas for my greedy gut and get call girls to turn up to my door and plant child pornography on my work computers.”

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