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Judge received hate mail after recent case

A SENIOR criminal judge yesterday revealed he received "menacing" hate mail following a recent road rage court case.

Justice Paul Carney (pictured) made the startling revelation from the bench of the Criminal Courts of Justice yesterday as he meted out a 12-year sentence to Karl Donohoe (31) for the manslaughter of Raymond Bates (49), from Durham, England, in a road rage incident two years ago.

Mr Justice Carney said it was the second road rage homicide he had dealt with in a "very short space of time".

"These cases outrage the community in a way that no others do," he said. "I know this from the signed addressed stamped hate mail I received after the last case."

The senior criminal judge said such was the "menacing nature" of the correspondence that he had handed it to the gardai.

Irish Independent