Monday 26 February 2018

Judge approves €13,000 bungee award

Ray Managh

A five-year-old girl collapsed with fright when she thought her father would die in a funfair bungee jump that went wrong, a court heard yesterday.

Chloe McDonagh, of Reask Court, Commons Road, Navan, Co Meath, fainted after seeing her father being thrown around in a see-through bungee ball.

She had attended the funfair with her parents at Blackrock, Co Dublin, in September 2003 when the accident occurred.

Manchester-based Funpark Nederlands directors had offered her a €13,000 settlement for the nervous shock she suffered at the time and for up to a year after the incident.

Barrister Michael Egan told Circuit Civil Court President Judge Matthew Deery, that Chloe and her mother, Ms Jacqueline McDonagh, watched as the transparent sphere swung wildly in the air after one of the supporting straps snapped. Chloe had become hysterical and had fainted with fear. Mr McDonagh, his wife and Chloe had been treated in hospital for shock.

Mr Egan said Chloe had suffered from nightmares for months after the event but was now, at the age of 12, fully recovered.

Judge Deery, approving the settlement, said it must have been a terrifying experience.

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