Tuesday 20 March 2018

Joy of family reunion is shattered by horrific late-night attack

Ciara Sheehan (21) was rushed to hospital after being shot early yesterday
Ciara Sheehan (21) was rushed to hospital after being shot early yesterday
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

As a mother sat with her children on Saturday night, she could have known little about the horror that was about to unfold in her sitting room.

Her son had just returned home from a long spell working abroad. The family in Cork was reunited.

Shortly before 11pm, a local man put a post on Facebook and "war" was declared.

It is not clear if the family saw this but there was no way they would have expected shots to be fired. There had been a falling out with a notorious local two years ago and he was unwilling to move on.

As Saturday rolled on into Sunday there was a smashing sound.

A rock had come through the door in their porch. The family was not even given the time to clean up the damage or react before the violence escalated.

Neighbours were woken by a gunshot and then the sound of a car speeding away as a worried boyfriend rushed his injured girlfriend to hospital.

She had suffered a bullet wound to her neck. Totally innocent, she was the victim of an unprovoked and potentially fatal attack.

Yesterday, the reunited family were forced from their own home. Replacing them were forensic Garda units. Gardaí sealed off the area, glass still scattered across the doorstep.

Locals' minds immediately turned to their own safety.

"An innocent man in Dublin was caught up in the uproar from the Regency Hotel and killed the other week because of thugs fighting among themselves," said one man.

"Families are now being caught up in violence because the guards can't react. We need more guards here and they need more help.

"This girl is lucky she's alive."

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