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Sunday 19 January 2020

Jobseekers criticised for 'googling' CVs

Joan Burton
Joan Burton

Conor Kane and Aideen Sheehan

JOAN Burton has criticised jobseekers for 'googling' their CVs and presenting applications that don't really do justice to their abilities.

The Social Protection Minister said Irish applicants should be more American in terms of selling themselves, instead of offering identikit CVs.

Ms Burton said chief executives and human-resource executives from multinational companies had complained to her that CVs prepared by people going for jobs in this country often failed to 'sell' the applicants.

She was speaking before officially opening the new headquarters of the Jobs Club in Kilkenny city, where unemployed people can get help with CVs.

Ms Burton told reporters: "CEOs often complain that CVs in Ireland don't do justice to the Irish applicants. For example, in America, if you're doing a CV you tend to emphasise voluntary community work that you might have done, organisations you might be part of.

"Because it all indicates that you're engaged, you're active, you participate. Traditionally we don't do that, we don't sell ourselves as hard."


She also said that Irish applicants would simply 'google' a CV and then fill in the gaps.

"Time after time, various Americans say to me – CEOs or HR people – that a lot of Irish CVs are very similar.

"In some cases, people google them and then fit themselves into this box."

The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed said it agreed that people needed to target their applications carefully at the specific needs of each employer and to highlight achievements, hobbies and voluntary work that might boost their chances.

However, it also pointed out the cultural differences between Ireland and America.

Spokeswoman Brid O'Brien said: "Employers should recognise that people here would feel it was bad form to sell themselves too hard."

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