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Jobs boost at Northern stationery firm

A Lurgan-based stationery firm is to create 20 new jobs with an investment of over €581,000

Enterprise Stationery Ltd is being supported by Invest NI which has provided |€69,000 through its Job Fund as part of the company's €751,000 expansion.

Invest NI's chief executive Alastair Hamilton said the news showed the fund could help companyies grow, despite the gloomy economic climate.

The firm manufactures and supplies bespoke filing stationery and plans to develop its business over the next three years by expanding its workforce, enhancing its product range and targeting new customers in the UK, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

Enterprise Stationery currently employs 88 people and is said to hold 40% of the market share for document filing stationery in the UK and Ireland.

Its managing director Paul O'Neill said: "We want to increase our market share by providing a solutions-based approach to meet client needs for electronic traceability, whilst providing the traditional filing capability.

"To diversify and develop our product range and marketing activities we need more staff. We've been very pleased with the quick and easy process of applying for, and receiving, assistance to create these new jobs through Invest NI's Jobs Fund."

Invest NI's Jobs Fund has a budget of €22 million, with the aim of supporting the creation of 4,000 jobs by March 2014.

Mr Hamilton said: "Enterprise Stationery is the latest company to benefit from our Jobs Fund which exists to help companies create employment in this difficult economic climate.

"The company has recognised that long-term viability will be enhanced by diversifying and adding value to its current product range. It is investing in developing an electronic tracking dimension for its stationery products and in an archiving and retrieval service using new technology. This will open up many more opportunities for the company to sell to both existing and new customers."