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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Joan Burton reveals her home was broken into as she spoke at an event on crime

Joan Burton
Joan Burton
Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

THE home of former Tánaiste Joan Burton was broken into while she was speaking at a event on crime in her west Dublin constituency last night.

Gardaí arrested a woman after neighbours of the Labour Party TD rang 999.

Ms Burton said she was “stunned” by the way the burglar managed to remove a window at the back of her home on the Navan Road.

Nothing was taken during the robbery because of the quick actions of Ms Burton’s neighbours who used a local WhatsApp group to raise the alarm.

She has now called for gardaí to use social media as a way of reacting to incidents such as this.

Ms Burton explained that she locked up the house in the normal way before leaving for an event in Harristown.

But the raider pushed her wheelie bin up against a side gate to the house in order to jump a gate into the back garden.

They then managed to pop out a back window. “There wasn’t even a scratch on it,” the TD said.

“It does make you feel, somebody has been walking around in your house, they’ve had a look at your personal stuff. Luckily it was all very short and quick.

“I hadn’t factored in that somebody could pop out a window.”

Ms Burton thanked her neighbours and said she was “just relieved nobody was hurt or injured”.

She now intends to “look against at security”.

Asked by whether she believes her home was targeted because of her public position, Ms Burton said it was more likely to a random incident.

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