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Jet bomb plotter Hindawi refused parole

THE former fiance of an Irishwoman, who planted a bomb in her hand luggage before she attempted to board a flight to Israel 25 years ago, has failed in his parole attempt.

Jordanian Nezar Hindawi (57) was found guilty of trying to bomb an El Al flight from Heathrow airport in London to Tel Aviv on April 17, 1986.

He had placed 3lbs of Semtex explosives in then 32-year-old Ann Murphy's hand luggage without her knowledge. She was pregnant with his child at the time.

Ms Murphy, who lives in Bray, Co Wicklow, was stopped by security. The bomb could have killed 375 people.

Hindawi was sentenced to 45 years imprisonment in London. Yesterday he lost his application for early release, which was referred back to the Parole Board in April last year.

Ms Murphy's solicitor told the Irish Independent that she had no comment on the decision.

Hindawi's automatic release date without parole falls in May 2016, at the two-thirds point of his sentence.

The High Court in London previously declared the parole decision-making process in his case "unfair and legally flawed".

The Parole Board recommended Hindawi's release and deportation to Jordan as far back as November 2009.

It concluded that he presented "no more than a minimal risk to the public and his remaining risk could be safely managed". However, successive British ministers kept him in prison, serving what is believed to be the longest specific jail term imposed by an English court.

Hindawi's lawyers described them as "implacably opposed" to his early release, triggering a series of legal battles.

Irish Independent