Tuesday 21 November 2017

Jennifer at the sharp end of the joke as water meter TV wind-up almost backfires

Ken Sweeney, entertainment editor

JENNIFER Maguire has spoken of her fear as she fled from a woman with an 'Indiana Jones knife' while filming a hidden camera show.

The 33-year-old was confronted by the Crumlin householder after she arrived on her doorstep attempting to fit a three-foot-high water meter in her kitchen.

"All I remember is seeing this Indiana Jones knife and running backwards down the steps outside the house," Jennifer Maguire told the Herald. "I blacked out from there."

To make matters worse, shouting "I'm Jennifer Maguire from RTE" didn't work either -- as householder Geraldine Power had never seen Maguire on TV, in either Republic of Telly, or The Fear, which she was filming.

"In fairness I was in her garden and winding her up something rotten. I know she never intended to hurt me," added Jennifer.

No one was hurt in the sketch, which took place during August when The Fear's crew visited houses in Crumlin demanding to install water meters.

Geraldine Power with the 'Indiana Jones' knife
Geraldine Power with the 'Indiana Jones' knife
Geraldine Power sharing in the joke with the RTE team

"What we had wasn't a water meter but a big engine which billowed smoke and made the loudest noise you ever heard," Jennifer added.

However, good-humoured Geraldine's reaction on being told it was a stunt was to ask the RTE team if they could do the same skit on her brother-in-law who lived around the corner.

"Geraldine was such a good sport. She was in hysterics laughing. Everyone we tried this on in Crumlin then suggested we do it on a neighbour or relative.

"Because of that sense of fun, we ended up being up there for days with our water meter. They are great people and Geraldine was the best sport. She is a lady you certainly don't mess with," she said.

The second season of The Fear starts on RTE Two on Monday at 10pm.



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