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Monday 18 February 2019

Jean's daughter hands the names of suspects to police

Helen McKendry, daughter of Jean McConville, with the only photograph the family have of their mother
Helen McKendry, daughter of Jean McConville, with the only photograph the family have of their mother

Rebecca Black

THE daughter of Jean McConville has given the names of those she believes are responsible for abducting her mother to the police.

"I will do anything to get whoever killed my mother behind bars," said Helen McKendry.

In a message to her siblings, she said: "Jean was your mother as well, speak out for her, no one else can do it, only us, so name them and shame them."

Previously, the murdered mother of 10's children had spoken about fear of reprisals if they named her killers. This week Ms McConville's son Michael warned: "Everybody thinks that the IRA has gone away, but they have not."

But last night his sister Ms McKendry (57) said she had given the police key information.

"What can they do to me that they haven't done, only come and shoot me and how would the world view that? I just hope my brothers can put that fear behind them too."

Mrs McConville was dragged away screaming from her young children in December 1972. Mrs McKendry said the names of suspects were handed over to police in the last few months.

"It is only hearsay as I wasn't at home when it happened. But the other brothers and sisters who were there know who they are and they say they are afraid to talk out.


"I have been speaking to police every other week for the last couple of months. In fact, they had put names to me that were on the list, they already knew the names."

She said she hoped some of these people would be arrested. "I've been living in fear for far too long so I thought, to hell with them," she said.

Although the murder happened 40 years ago, Mrs McKendry revealed she still hated going into Belfast from her home in Co Down. "I don't really travel up to Belfast in case I was with any of my daughters and we'd get abuse," she said.

Mrs McKendry also welcomed the granting of a further 48 hours to police to question Gerry Adams as "great news".

"I wonder if he misses his family, God love him," she said.

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