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Jealousy and drink sparked love-rival assault

A COMBINATION of alcohol, prescription drugs and jealousy over a love rival sparked a vicious attack in a nightclub, a court was told yesterday.

Andrea Gordon, of Riverstown, Co Sligo, spent two nights in Mountjoy jail before being fined for the assault at Donegal District Court yesterday.

Threatening texts had been received by Gordon before the assault occurred, the court was told.

Gordon had admitted assault causing harm to 18-year-old Cassie Hanlon, a first-year student at the Tourism College in Killybegs, Co Donegal.

During the attack -- which took place inside Faulty's nightclub in Killybegs on November 13, 2009 -- the victim's hair was pulled as she was dragged to the ground. At the same court on Wednesday, Judge Kevin Kilrane remanded Gordon to Mountjoy jail after hearing details of the assault, which he later described as "vicious", on the victim who is 4ft 10in tall.

A defence lawyer told the judge yesterday that his client -- who sat handcuffed between two prison guards for almost an hour during the hearing -- had "received a salutary lesson during her incarceration in Mountjoy". He said the attack had been prompted by alcohol and anti-depressant medication as well as "emotion over her boyfriend".

He said Gordon had since ended her relationship with her former boyfriend and was now seeing someone else. The defence lawyer also told the court that Gordon had received threatening texts from "either the other girl or her friends" prior to the assault.

The judge said that Gordon, who had no previous convictions, had caused untold trouble for her own family as well as for the Hanlon family and fined her €400.


At an earlier hearing it emerged that Ms Hanlon had suffered psychological trauma as a result of her ordeal and was undergoing treatment. Her parents and two brothers were worried about her as she no longer had a social life and her confidence had suffered.

The victim's mother, Ann Hanlon, told the court that they wanted Gordon to acknowledge what she had done and not to attack anyone else.

Gordon described the attack as "a random act" through drink because there were "the emotional effects of her being with my boyfriend" and she publicly apologised to her victim and her family.

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