Friday 15 December 2017

'Jamie made the worst mistake and almost paid with his life' - Teen fighting for his life after taking drugs at music festival

Belsonic music festival
Belsonic music festival

Zainab Boladale

The father of a young boy who attended a popular music festival has described his disappointment and shock when he saw his son struggling to survive in hospital.

On Monday night, Simon Lindsay received news from his son’s friends and a doctor at the Royal Victoria Hospital that his son had been hospitalised after attending the Belsonic music festival in Belfast.

In a Facebook post he said his son Jamie made "the worst mistake he has ever made and almost paid for it with his life".

Mr Lindsay rushed to the hospital and “initially we couldn't get to see Jamie, until it was proven he was Jamie and we were in fact his parents. We thought at the time that this delay was because we had lost Jamie,” he explained.

“When we did get to his bedside we were shocked at the sight."

Their son’s condition was so bad after taking substances that he “was unresponsive and could not breathe”.

He warned young people that one pill can lead to death.

“Don't take drugs - Simple - they kill you. One pill can kill.

"Don't drink to excess - you are in danger of making yourself ill and will also lead to bad decision making” and the final one being “stop carrying these ID's belonging to others. The implications of this are now so clear to us and the other family of the boy it belonged too.

“Jamie had used another boy's ID and we regret that the other boys family received that awful devastating news and we apologised to his parents for this. Jamie got this ID of a friend who bought it from the owner last year.

“Next time it might not turn out so lucky as Jamie fortunately was. Make sure your kids are not carrying these IDs please, and also make sure your 18 year old are not losing or renting them out,” Mr Lindsay warns.

In his heartbreaking post, he thanked everyone who came to his son's aid.

“We cannot thank enough the medical staff at both hospitals and the medics who attended.

“We had Jamie's phone while he was on life support and we saw messages, posts etc - we know how Jamie got what he had and from who.

“Drugs, Drinking and Using ID's will happen every weekend in every town. Don't think my kids won't do this - I thought that. It can happen to anyone at anytime unfortunately,” he warns parents of young people.

Their son is now back at home recovering and where he now has “a second chance at life”.

He finished the post by saying that their son will face “whatever consequences or punishments that may come his way”.

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