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Jail's nothing but a holiday camp, says McCarthy

"JAIL is only a holiday camp" -- the words of 'Fat John' McCarthy on RTE less than 18 months ago.

'Fat John' would be in an ideal position to know. He and his family are well accustomed to prison.

In 2010, he boasted to viewers of 'Prime Time Investigates' that he was not a gangland figure and had no f**king kids running around with guns or drugs. 'Fat John' forgot to mention that a number of his family members have had run-ins with the law.

Two months before the broadcast, his son David (17) and his nephew Noel Stanners (18) were each jailed for three years after they were caught riding on horseback to collect a loaded sawn-off shotgun from underneath a bale of hay.

Earlier that year, his cousins, Kieran (26) and Eddie (27) Ryan were jailed for a total of 14 years for possession of a firearm.

An uncle, Eddie Ryan, was shot dead in the Moose bar in the first murder in the criminal feud while another uncle, John Ryan, was murdered in 2003.

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