Sunday 20 October 2019

I've refused to see gender in my career, I work hard and nothing else matters - Byrne

Claire Byrne. Photo: David Conachy
Claire Byrne. Photo: David Conachy

Sean O'Grady

Claire Byrne has said her gender has never been an issue for her in her years as a broadcaster.

While there has been much discussion about equality between men and women in the workplace, the RTÉ host feels hard work surpasses all else.

"I have refused to see gender throughout my career. I have just operated as a person working in the industry," she said.

"Maybe it's the bullish part of me, but I just keep on keeping on. I refuse to see those things and if I do see them I just brush them aside and keep going.

"I believe that the best weapon you can have in this business is to be good in your job and be hard-working and nothing else should matter."

Asked if it can matter sometimes, Byrne responded: "That hasn't been my experience."

Byrne is mum to Patrick (4), Jane (3) and one-year-old Emma with husband Gerry Scollan, and she reckons having children has softened her up a bit.

"My children coming along has made me softer, a bit more understanding," she told the 'RTÉ Guide'.

"I'm probably still bullish when it comes to my professional life but having children has given me greater empathy.

"We sent our oldest child off to school on Friday, his first day. I could only get as far as the door of the school and I let my husband take him the rest of the way as I could feel the tears coming on."

Byrne said she liked to change her role at work every three to five years.

"I believe that you shouldn't stand still for too long.

"I always come back to the idea that if you've mastered the job you're doing, that earns you the next step," she said.

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