Tuesday 18 December 2018

'I've lost my best friend' - Elderly woman claims she's in a 'catch 22' position after husband (68) breaks hip

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Kyle Ewald

An elderly woman has claimed she is in a “catch 22” position after her husband broke his hip and is unable to come home.

A woman named Anne told RTE's Liveline that her husband, who has dementia, was hospitalised after he broke his hip and claims she can't bring him home due to the lack of carers.

Anne told Joe Duffy that she left her job five years ago to care full-time for her husband, Michael.

She claims that she was told her husband was unable to attend rehab because those diagnosed with dementia are deemed unable to follow instructions.

“I’m watching everyone else in the world who broke a leg or broke a hip get a care plan or get rehab, but there’s nothing for Michael," Anne told Liveline.

The sixty-year-old woman said her husband is currently in hospital, but she has refused to bring him home because she can't care for him herself.

Anne told Liveline that she was granted a home care package that includes three hours of assistance every day from one carer. However, she fears this will not be enough as she cannot help carry him due to her past breast cancer treatments.

“I applied for two carers to lift him because he’s 14 and a half stone and I’m not allowed to lift him for medical reasons.

“I was to be the second lifter, but I’m not allowed to lift because I’ve had radio therapy on my chest and will break a rib if I do any lifting.”

Anne said that she is "terrified" at the thought of caring for her husband as she doesn't think she is well enough.

"I’m unwell, and I’m terrified, like if he were to fall how would I get him up off the floor because I still have to care for him 23 hours a day.”

She added she has been able to manage caring for her 68-year-old husband for the past five years, but the effects of his dementia have been devastating.

“Now I’m kind of forced into looking at nursing homes for him because there’s nothing I can do.

“You’ve lost your best friend and that’s what people don’t realise”.

Independent.ie has contacted the HSE for comment.

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