Tuesday 19 February 2019

I've been to AA meetings with David Bowie and Marlon Brando, reveals Mayor Christy Burke

Christy Burke
Christy Burke
David Bowie
David Bowie
Marlon Brando

Elaine McCahill

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke, has revealed he shared Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with the likes of Hollywood legend Marlon Brando and rock superstar David Bowie in the past.

Mr Burke, who has been sober for almost four decades, has attended AA meetings across the world, including one in San Jose recently.

"I don't mind breaking my anonymity. I'm an open book anyhow, so I do attend meetings," he said.

"I've been sober for 37 years. I do addiction sessions in prisons throughout Ireland. I do it in Arbour Hill actually," he told the Herald.

"People do recognise me [at meetings] but it's where you get comfort so they don't say anything. I have sat with David Bowie and Marlon Brando," he added, noting that the stars had previously broken their own anonymity.

"I've sat with very prominent Irish artists and judges and police so I don't get bothered.

"I was at a meeting in San Jose a couple of weeks ago and there were 400 people at it. They made a little cake because I was the mayor," he added.

Speaking at the announcement that Fire Restaurant and Lounge on Dawson Street will open on Good Friday - serving food and non-alcoholic cocktails - he said he hoped that Ireland's "draconian" law in relation to drink sales on the religious feast day will be abolished by next year.


"I think it's good to have an event like this for tourists and the citizens of Ireland, just because I don't drink isn't to say that anybody else shouldn't drink - it's a draconian law," he said.

"The Vatican doesn't shut down its bar or services for Good Friday, my understanding is that hopefully that particular law will be abolished by next year," he added.


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