Monday 20 November 2017

Transcription from first conversation

Full transcript from the first conversation

Woman: “Hello,”

Garda: “Hello,”

 “I just had something, you know. I need to eat something before I come down with. I am so hungry I didn’t eat all day, I was so sick and I really felt very sick, I was very dizzy and, you know, there were a few other complications with me.”


“So, what do you think?”

“Yeah, have something to eat but try not to be so long I just have to go…”

“But can you not come back then after dinner? Can you not come back?”

“No, I have to go to a meeting in my son’s school and I am going to be there for the night.”

“For the whole night?”


“Uhm, but to how late?”

“I don’t know, ten o’clock, eleven o’clock.”

“Yeah, OK, or could I just take these pills from you?”

“Could I come up and you just come out to the car to me?”

“No, I have to think about that now because you are drawing a bit too much attention now on yourself, you know. I spotted you in Aldi already.”

“That’s only because I was passing time because I was here waiting for you, so.”

“Yeah, but how did, why didn’t you ring me then?”

“Because I rang you and you said ring me back in an hour and I said…”

“I was in Tesco at the time.”

“I said I’ll wait around the area and I’ll ring you later.”


“That’s why I went to Aldi to look at that stuff, then I came in the park in the hotel.”

“What did you do in Aldi exactly? Did you buy anything there?”

“No, I didn’t buy anything there. I looked at all the, I looked at all the, you know, the tools and all that stuff.”

“OK, tools?”



“I always do that, look at the offers. You know the way they have special offers on for tools and clothes, I was just having a look around.”

“Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. OK, so, um, so, what is latest time we can meet because I need to have some food before I come down because I feel very dizzy, very sick. I need to go to the hospital maybe. That pill what you gave me was not good at all.”

“And, have you had any bleeding, no?”


“No, not yet?”

“But I did throw up loads of times.”

“Did you?”

“Yeah, and I had pressure in my belly and I had, you know, other stuff, so I am very sick. So, I don’t hope that this pill is gonna give me some real problems.”

“No, it won’t, no.”

“No, no, it won’t, how do you know that so sure?”

“Because I have researched everything…”

“Where did you buy this? Where did you get this then?”

“From that website I gave to you yesterday.”

“Where are they?”

“In Holland, I think.”

“Oh, in Holland?”

“I think so.”

“Oh. OK.”

“I’m not sure, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know. How did you pay then, online?”

“Online, yeah.”

“And, how much is it?”

“Ninety Euros.”

“Ninety Euros?”


“OK. so if it’s not working we can do another yoke or what?”

“If it’s not working you can do it again but we’ll have to order them again.”

“And, how many days would it take?”

“About a week I’d say.”

“A week?”

“Uh, hum.”

“OK, can we not do that better, what do you think?”

“No, it’s getting too late then.”

“Oh, are you sure?”

“No, we need to do it now.”

“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, Yeah, yeah”

“I want you to do this now (her name). You promised me you would do this.”

“Yeah, I did, I did. No, I didn’t promise it really but you know what you said yesterday in the car, if I didn’t do it then you will ring the grey hair man, the detective.”

“Listen, I am not going to do that on you.”

“Then why did you say that to me yesterday?”

“I don’t remember saying that to you.”

“Ah, come on, you did, in the car when here at front of the door, remember, when you say I want to talk to you a minute.

“No, I said I would ring him and tell him everything was OK, which I am going to do.”

“No, you say if I wouldn’t co-operate, yeah, that you would tell, that you would ring him, that he would come back then.

“Listen (her name), if you want to mess me around again. I am sitting here in the car for the last hour…

“I don’t mess you around…

“For the last hour and a half, I am sitting here waiting for the last hour and a half..

“I don’t mean don’t be so upset, OK. I am very sick.”

“I’m upset as well

“Maybe you have to go to bring me to a hospital, what do you think of that?

“If I have to bring you to a hospital, I will bring you to a hospital, no problem

“But you can’t because you have a meeting with your son.

“But, you don’t need to go to a hospital now.

“I think I do because I have severe pain

“But, that’s what the pain is, the thing is the abortion, that’s what the pain is

“But, I’m nearly two months pregnant.


“Yeah, so?

“But, you went past that.

 “Are you sure


“But then it’s a real baby comes out

“No, no it’s not. Did you not read the, did you not read the website I gave you?

“No, I didn’t. Maybe you can send it on to my email or not, or now

“I don’t have your email

“Yeah, but you didn’t want to give your email, remember. What’s your email?

“Mine is a garda email and I can’t - “you have a private email, come on.”  -provide that stuff

“you had (an email address).

“That was one I made up because it had to be a girl’s name that I ordered the tablets from.

 “So, you don’t use that email anymore?


“So, I don’t get you in there anymore?

“You will, I still have it on my phone. You will get me on it

“OK, great, because if I need you, besides I don’t have phone credit and I am very sick at the moment and I am very afraid, you know. I read the instructions and it says you have to do it under provisional care.

“No, it says you can do it in the home but you must be near a hospital and you’re near a hospital and it’s not a problem

“Yeah, I know but, hold on, it says you have to do it in the clinic. That’s what it says…under provisional…

“That’s where you have a clinic. There is no clinic in Ireland that you can do it in because it is not allowed.

“Oh, is it not?



“That’s why you have to order in over the Internet or get it…

“I thought the morning after pill was allowed.


“So, what is this then?

“You know what it is

“No, I don’t. I just took the pill in, coz you wanted it

“Yes, and you said you’d take the rest of the pills today

“Ahm, yeah, but I feel not good after taking the first one.

“But the second pills are to help the thing to move out of your body

“The “thing”, it’s a baby, (his name) it’s a real baby, it’s not a “thing”

“Listen (her name), I can’t sit any here any longer, I need to go, are you going to do this or not?

“Yes, yes. You know what, I can meet you by the phone box there and you give me the pills but I have to do that in bed because I am very afraid that it might go wrong

“No, I’m not doing that.



“Because of what

“Because, how do I know you take them?

“Oh my God, I did it yesterday.

“But you are saying today that you don’t want to take them

“No, I said, not outside because I am very afraid I will collapse. I am very sick. That is why I say maybe you have to bring me to a hospital and we do it there, I the hospital with these pills. What do you think?

“No, we can’t do it in a hospital.

Why not?

“Because it’s illegal

“Why is it illegal?

(he sniffs)

“You know what. I don’t know, OK, can you not come later or what, please?

“Listen, forget it.

Why, so you leave me alone now with these pills?

(angrily) “You’re messing me around again. You’re to meet me again at four o’clock. Now I’m sitting here now for two hours.

“No, that’s not true

“Two hours, and now you’re telling me you won’t take them so you are up to your old tricks again. All you wanted from me yesterday wa money.

“No, no that’s not true

“You’ve stolen money from me

“Ah, the ten Euro. I have it here in my wallet. You can have it back. You greedy, greedy man. 

“I don’t want it back

“You know that you are very greedy.

“I am not greedy

“You have no shame, you have no shame

“I gave you more money after that

“Not true

“Only five Euro, only five Euro. You need to shame.

“Sure, I’d already give you a hundred Euro

“Only a hundred Euro in all this poxy month, come on now

“That’s all I had

“Ah, come on now, you are a (his garda rank). You have loads of money

“Listen, my money is all in a joint account with my wife. I can’t just take it and give it away.

“No, I didn’t ask for hundred thousand Euros, did I? But, you know that I have no money and then…

“I told you that in a few days I will give you more money but that’s all I could give you yesterday

“Yeah, yeah, and, another thing as well, you told me that the European arrest warrant was still there. So is it true or are you lying?

“I’m not lying. It’s still on the system

“It’s still on the system, yeah, yeah. Now, I want to make a deal with you then.

“Go on

“Then, can you write a hand-written piece of paper now for me and now I do the pills? Are you going to confirm…:

“I can’t, I can’t write you a hand piece of paper now…because…just listen to me, will you…

“We go to the garda station here, will we do that. We go to the garda station together, OK,


“Why not?

“Because I know too many people in the garda stations. I’m not going down there

“No, no. Then you wait in the car then, I go inside alone inside then.

“For what?

“You wait with son in the car and I go alone, OK?

“And, what will you go to the garda station for

“To get that confirmation from them that there is no warrant or whatever that it is invalid

“They won’t give you that confirmation, I told you that

“And, why would they not

“Because they can’t, because they don’t know if it’s invalid or not. It’s just restricted on the computer, it’s on the computer

“So, I can be arrested at any time, also after these rotten pills.

“I told you that I will sort that out

“And, how do I believe that you are telling the truth

“Because I have done everything else I told you

“You only do things for you, for yourself, not for me.

“That’s not true

“That is true

“I promised you yesterday I will help you and I will help you. I promise. I swore on my child’s life

“You didn’t, you didn’t, or on your mother’s life, yeah

“Well, I swear now on my child’s life I will help you

“Yeah. Help me with what? Be more concrete.

“I will sort out that warrant. I’ll get it, I’ll get on to… and I’ll sort it out and make sure that if it’s invalid, it’s invalidated and I will help you to get set up, with social welfare and everything

“Yeah, yeah. So, that’s all. That’s it.

“What else do you want?

“What you already promised before we had sex together. The written (word, possibly pulls) print out, where is print out.

“I told you, once I get, I cannot give that to you now because once I get that sorted on the system which will be tomorrow or Wednesday, I told you that, I will get that sorted.

“OK, then I wait for that and I wait and you come back to me with that (false) print out and with the confirmation.

“You know what, forget about it.

“No, don’t do that, because

“Forget about it

“No, I have to go to the hospital, OK

“OK, well ring an ambulance, goodbye.

“No, don’t do that.


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