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Wednesday 13 November 2019

The Weekend Magazine Dog Issue: Your Entries

To celebrate this Saturday's Weekend Magazine Dog Issue, we asked you to submit your pooch pics via twitter and email. Thanks for all your great entries - Have a look through the album above.

Don't miss today's edition of Weekend Magazine with the Irish Independent, as we look at dogs and their famous friends: From Diarmuid Gavin to Gillian Quinn, some of Ireland’s best-known faces introduce their pooches.

  • Bark worse than your bite? What your dog’s breed says about you.
  • Meet the Supervet : the Irish man taking veterinary surgery to the next level.
  • Grieving for Gussie: Caroline Kennedy on the loss of her beloved furry best friend.
  • Dogfight - when couples break up, who gets the dog?
  • Sharon Shannon on how you can do your bit to stamp out animal cruelty.
  • Pooch on holiday: Romy Power takes owner Bairbre to doggy-friendly Irish hotels.


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