Thursday 23 May 2019

The School League Tables 2018

More Leaving Cert students than ever are going to college. But which are the best ‘feeder’ schools in the country – which schools consistently ensure that most of their students progress to higher education.

This week’s Sunday Independent school league tables bring you the definitive guide to the most successful ‘feeder’ schools over the past nine years.

The tables track how each school in the country has performed from 2009 to 2017 – and there have been major shifts in success rates for some schools over that time.

Which is the new no 1 school in the country? Which ones are the movers and shakers and which schools are in the most improved class? 

The tables answer all these questions and track the trends in school performance over the years, giving a broad picture of who goes to college.

While they are useful, educational expert Prof Anne Looney from DCU writes that parents should not judge schools on their success in the college stakes. Other factors need to be taken into account in deciding where to send your children to school, she says.

John Walshe, former Government adviser, says that like them or not league tables are here to stay.  But they should be more inclusive and he explains why apprenticeships and the further education sector are growing in popularity.

He also addresses the question – should Leaving Certificate students still go to college at a time of virtual full employment in Ireland?

The latest tables confirm that schools in the Free Education scheme are increasingly challenging the elite fee paying sector when it comes to college entry. The Sunday Independent also explains the secret to success of the country’s top performing schools in preparing students for college.

The School League Tables are published with today's Sunday Independent, January 28th.
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