Saturday 24 March 2018

The Health Guide for the Middle-Aged Man: In this week's Sunday Independent

Dr. Michael Mosley, creator of the 5:2 Diet, has an unmissable new guide – ‘Health Guide for the Middle Aged Man’, with steps on how to live longer, lose weight, feel better and cut out stress, the silent killer.

We have full details on how to to improve your life, and increase your years with steps on how to...

1.        Listen, look, record ie Measure yourself. Which tests are worth doing and which are not?

2.       What are the best ways to reduce weight?

3.        Maintaining a healthy weight. What are the best foods to eat and those to avoid?

4.       The truth about meat.

5.       What to drink and what to avoid drinking.

6.       How to reduce stress and become more positive.

7.       Why we should stand more and sit less.

8.       Exercise. Why you should jack up your heart rate.

9.       How to keep dementia at bay. The importance of taking up new activities every decade

10.      Looking after your teeth

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