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The Gathering


<p>TODAY you&rsquo;ll find The Gathering interactive magazine, FREE inside the Irish Independent.</p>

An idea that emerged from the Global Irish Economic Forum at Farmleigh House in Dublin in 2009 was The Gathering: an initiative to invite people home. At its heart is a simple concept: the chance for people to re-connect.

To help celebrate ‘The Gathering’, the Irish Independent will publish a 32 page glossy magazine packed with everything you need to know about this celebration; what is ‘The Gathering’? What kind of events are planned? Including advice on how to organise your own gathering event.

But there’s something different and exciting about this magazine. For the first time, we’ve produced a publication that has a digital sister.

You’re going to enjoy this fantastic print product. But for more brilliant, complementary content such as video, audio, more pictures and weblinks, there’s a Gathering iMagazine to enjoy at the same time.

In the print magazine, you will find a handy guide to all the icons you will need to navigate through the extra digital content using your smart phone or tablet device.

There’s also a fantastic opportunity, courtesy of Aer Lingus, to win flights home for your loved ones.

Don’t miss ‘The Gathering’ magazine, FREE inside today's Irish Independent, before you make up your mind, open it.

Print edition only.