Friday 22 November 2019


I'm surprised to see Keane, I'd have started Long Former Ireland midfielder Steven Reid bemoans the fact that manager Giovanni Trapattoni has been "slow to change" for the World Cup qualifier with Kazakhstan.

Cody and Fergie singing off same hymnsheet In his exclusive column, Tipperary star Lar Corbett explains why he believes Brian Cody operates "similar tactics" to Manchester United supremo Alex Ferguson.

'My legs were feeling crap today' - Roche Another tough day for Nicolas Roche as he reveals in his Vuelta diary that his "legs were feeling pretty crap this morning and I was beginning to regret my late attacks" the previous day.

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What happened when David Byrne met St Vincent's Annie Clark? A sonic explosion with a brass band, discovers John Meagher when he speaks to these musical heavyweights.


The dark mysterious Mercury Prize winning xx reveal (some of) their secrets to Ed Power.


Bray singer-songwriter Fionn Regan explains to Eamon Sweeney why the best music is all about simplicity.

Efterklang's Casper Clausen

On the shadow of Barbie Girl, the shock of leaving home and of recording in an abandoned Russian mine in the Arctic.


Our lost baby Martha lives on in our memories.

Plus: Ian O'Doherty - I've had enough of Trap's madhouse.


Brendan Keenan on the latest ECB initiative 'Speak softly and carry a big stick, was President Theodore Roosevelt's advice for international politics.

President Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank has been talking increasingly strongly, but there have been doubts about the size of the stick.

Yesterday, Mr Draghi showed more of the weapon to a waiting world. In theory the ECB, like any central bank, can wield a very big stick indeed. It can create unlimited amounts of money but, used carelessly, that can do damage all over the place.

The key point for many in yesterday's ECB statement was that there is no limit to the amount the ECB is willing to spend buying the debt of governments it thinks need and deserve such assistance. The ECB will, to quote Mr Draghi, "do whatever it takes".

The problem is when, and how.'

David Quinn

Why frontline health services must be protected - and why the Croke Park agreement must be renegotiated

Kevin Myers

'I was wrong - the London Games were a complete vindication of the Olympian spirit'

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