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Seat of Irish dynasties for €2.65m

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In this friday's Property supplement with the Irish Independent, we look at a 5,000 sq ft Killiney mansion has been home for three historic Irish business families:


Dining Room


Entrance Hall

Garden in Tons At Navarone

A 1970's built home comes with an acre of Foxrock to tend.

Can Dublin Go Micro?

As Dublin City Council seeks larger apartments, the UK is going the opposite way and adapting Chinese style micro apartments for single upwardly mobile young business execs.

We look at the schemes springing up across England by Hong Kong developers using using ultra clever space saving devices and cool contemporary design and look the new evidence that Dublin might need many more smaller homes as well as larger ones.


Contemporary Home Work: Eleanor Flegg looks at the evolution of the home office and what hot desks, lamps and ergonomic chairs are an offer.

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