Sunday 20 October 2019

Marianne Gunne O'Connor shares her unusual inspiration - Fergie

SHE is known for striking tough deals on behalf of clients like Cecilia Ahern, but literary agent Marianne Gunn O’Connor admits she is inspired by Alex Ferguson in her dealings.

The creative agent, who is highly sought after on both sides of the Atlantic, tells Juno magazine, free today with the Sunday Independent, that she has learned a valuable lesson for the  Manchester United manager.

“I look back at Sir Alex Ferguson, when Manchester United lost to The Blues last year. Many people thought their glory days were over but Alex Ferguson had other plans.”

The lifelong supporter of the Red Devils explains:

“And then they won back the Premiership this year.  I learned that sometimes being in a  losing position is very powerful because it can propel you to the winning place next time round.”

Marianne admits she has known failure in her life, before she became a literary agent, who signed Cecilia Ahern with  no knowledge of who she was.

Having opened her own cutting edge boutique in the 1980s,  she fell victim to the recession and lost her business. 

“After I lost Otokio, I felt like a failure. I carried that feeling around with me for some time. It was not an easy place to be in, I often felt despair.”

For Marianne, what could have been a crushing failure turned into something else, the courage to start again and a belief that certain things are meant to happen.

The reclusive agent, who rarely gives interviews explains: "When things happen effortlessly, we know we are on the right path.... if we are struggling something is wrong."


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