Wednesday 22 November 2017

Judgement Day

In this week's Sunday Independent

Love or Hate. Hope or Despair. Ambition or Fear?

After three years of a political phoney war the Judgement Day of Local and European elections is racing towards our political class.

This week the Sunday Independent asks who will survive and who will fall? What is the mood of the people? Are they at peace with the Grumpy Old Men of FG and Labour? Or is Ireland a nation that feels betrayed? And if so, on whom will they extract their vengeance?

Has the Coalition kept its faith? Whatever happened to the democratic revolution? Is it over before it’s begun? Is anyone listening to rural Ireland? Who are the politicians who speak truth to power? Are there any that actually do? Were we right to believe Ireland should hang out its brightest colours when Enda came to power that day?

Next month the political tale of the tape will tell all. Will Enda Kenny still be the boss-man in town? Is it time for Micheal Martin to go? Or could Eamon Gilmore go before him? And if the people are in a vengeful mode who will they put their faith in next? Will it be Mary Lou, the Superquinn Mum living in the shadow of Gerry Adams?  Or Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan the new defender of the turf-cutters?

The Sunday Independent asks ... who are the bright young things who believe they can change the world? Or should we spare the gnarled old veterans hanging on desperately for one more turn on the political merry-go-round? Winners and Losers; riders and runners, jesters and princes, kings for a day and dead-men walking. What is it all about, really?

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