Wednesday 11 December 2019

Ireland's Rich List: The Top 300 Wealthiest People

In this week's Sunday Independent

This weekend, we bring you Ireland’s definitive Rich List revealing how the country’s top 300 wealthiest people have become even wealthier over the past 12 months.

The money may be again flowing in, but is it okay to flaunt it? Read about the new generation of rich kids who think nothing of sharing their high flying lifestyles on social media. We reveal the hottest tech billionaires whose valuations have sky-rocketed in the past year, the best paid Irish sports stars and the rock ‘n’ roll entries who have made hundreds of millions of euros from the music industry. 

"The numbers are higher than we have ever seen before, there has been years of recession and now we are back into growth, people have money and we are seeing a young generation of people who are actually flaunting their wealth," said Business editor, Samantha McGuaghren.

"You definitely see more technology people on this list, and the biggest increases are amongst some of the hot tech billionaires. Some of them went from seven or eight hundred million to nearly double that this year so that's where you are seeing the real hot growth for the billionaires this year."

We bring you a dozen new entries from the worlds of pharmaceuticals, construction, industry and, of course, technology. 

So just who are the richest people in Ireland and what are they really worth?

Find out, pick up a copy of this week's Sunday Independent Rich List - sponsored by Euro Millions.

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