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Have Dubs a grand plan or are they in decline?



All-Ireland champions Dublin have stuttered their way to the All-Ireland semi-final – Martin Breheny examines if they’ve lost their way, or if they’ve timed their run to perfection.


McGee: Time for Mayo to walk the walk

Having endured a 61-year All-Ireland SFC famine, Eugene McGee says it’s time for Mayo to stop talking about ‘new dawns’ and actually deliver the goods in Croke Park. (picture of James Horan or Eugene McGee)

Learning to live with the pain in Spain

In his exclusive Tour of Spain diary, Nicolas Roche outlines his struggles on the bike as he desperately tries to hold onto seventh place on general classification. (picture of Nic Roche)


KAREN COLEMAN on the new Republican candidate for vice-president

“You only need to spend a couple of days in the US this week following the Republican convention to know that Ryan is no John F Kennedy. In fact he is a hawkish, pro-guns, pro-rich, anti-poor, anti-government, Tea Party supporter whose adoring fans drooled with excitement in Tampa when he wowed them with his attacks on President Obama.”

PAUL MELIA on the councillors expenses saga

“THE rotten system of payments to councillors has to change. There’s little or no transparency in how taxpayers’ money is spent, and as a nation we can’t afford it. The €28m bill racked up on pay, allowances and expenses for our city and county councillors last year might not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things.

But at a time when every penny counts, spending money on foreign junkets doesn’t send out the right signal.”

JAMES DOWNEY on our chaotic tax system

“NOBODY loves taxes, but all of us have to pay them according to our means … Well . . . not quite all of us. Mitt Romney, for example, pays only 4pc of his enormous income.

Here in Ireland, the system borders on the irrational, not to say the chaotic. Not only does it breach the basic principle of equity laid down by economists, it has failed to fulfil its economic aims in almost every respect but one, the advantage we gain from our low rate of corporation tax.“


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Evil Monster

Twenty years ago this week, Dublin swimming coach Frank McCann murdered his wife Esther and baby Jessica by setting fire to their home. Esther’s sister talks exclusively to Weekend Magazine about why her family lives in constant fear of his release

: The winner takes it all

Weekend talks to the Olympic athletes who missed out on a medal

From Fear to Maternity

Yvonne Hogan on pregnancy and public transport