Tuesday 15 October 2019

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Mary Kennedy fit.
Picture By David Conachy 16/11/2017
Mary Kennedy fit. Picture By David Conachy 16/11/2017

“I go out running because I want to keep going, I want to be energetic, I want to enjoy life,” says broadcaster Mary Kennedy.

The secret of a longer, healthier life is staying fit. This week in Fit at 50 and beyond, we look at how to stay healthier ever after; how to fuel your workout – what to eat to stay in shape and why protein is your friend – personal trainer Pat Divilly has devised an exclusive workout, while we have the latest science on ageing and your body.

Broadcaster Mary Kennedy speaks exclusively on running and happiness and TV3 vet Pete Wedderburn speaks on the joy of triathlons in your 50s. Plus, expert advice on choosing the right shoes, how to avoid injury and all the motivation tricks you need to know to begin your fitness programme.

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