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Different frame of Mind


In this Saturday’s Weekend Magazine with the Irish Independent, successful women look at portraits of their body, past and present, we talk to teenagers from Ireland on their view of their generation, Arlene Harris sees three spectacular rooms with view sin Paris, London and India, and Catherine Fulvio has some delicious Italian recipes.

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Different Frame of Mind

You’ ll probably never look better (or younger) than you do right now . And yet many of us —women especially — only appreciate ourselves in retrospect. Joanna Kiernan asked women to reflect on photographs of old and tell her what the y wish they’d known then.

'bout my generation

According to various reports, Generation Z are addicted to the internet, teetering on the brink of obesity and more inclined to bully their peers.

But isn’t it time that we let them speak for themselves? Arlene Harris meets a group of 18-year-olds to find out exactly what life is like for them in Ireland today.


La Dolce Vita

Get your bake on - Italian style. Catherine Fulvio share her favourite recipes, secret ingredients and techniques gleaned from family and friends.


Take three rooms with a view. Whether you want a glittering city skyline or one of the wonders of the world, Nicola Brady has found three hotels with incredible views.

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