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Brian Lenihan – A Story of Courage


Brian Lenihan was diagnosed with cancer in December 2009 and died 18 months later in June 2011.  In that time he showed enormous dignity and courage, continuing with a punishing workload while being treated for his illness as he grappled with the  greatest financial crisis ever to hit Ireland.

Brian Lenihan has never been given the credit he deserved for the way he handled the crisis.  He had not been involved in the  economic decisions that led to the boom and bust.   But as Finance Minister from May 2008, as the collapse began, he had to deal with the fallout.   Without the tough four year plan he started we would never have exited the Bailout.  

Inside this Saturday’s Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent, read exclusive extracts from Brian Lenihan: In Calm and Crisis - the first book to look at his life and career. High profile contributors include Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan and IMF boss Christine Lagarde and others who knew him well.  

What emerges is the true picture of a man carrying a burden greater than any Irish minister ever had to carry before - a man who was dying and knew it, but still worked around the clock to save the economy.    A man of extraordinary vision and courage. 

The full extracts are exclusively in this Saturday’s Irish Independent and Sunday Independent 

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