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Are you Exam Ready? Exam Brief: Our 7-Part Guide



Are you exam ready? The essential 7-part weekly guide exam guide starting January 15th, only in Thursday's Irish Independent.

Part Three is Leaving Cert Science.

If you're preparing for the Leaving Cert or Junior Cert, don't miss Exam Brief - The comprehensive annual guide with the Irish Independent, in association with Yeats College. Starting Thursday 15th of January for seven weeks.

Next in the series:

Leaving Cert

Januray 22nd - Languages (English, Irish, French)

January 29th - Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

February 5th - Business and Finance (Economics, Accounting, Business)

February 12th - Other subjects (History, Geography, Home Economics)

Junior Cert

February 26th - Junior Cert 1 (Ordinary Level Maths, English, French, History, Geography)

March 5th - Junior Cert 2 (Higher Level Maths, Irish, Business, Science, Home Economics)

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