Friday 27 April 2018

It's triple trouble as three sisters have three babies in same hospital on same day

Mairéad, Joelyn and Bernie with Thomás Óg, Sorcha and Phelim and their dads
Mairéad, Joelyn and Bernie with Thomás Óg, Sorcha and Phelim and their dads

David Kearns

There was a triple celebration in one Irish hospital this week as three sisters gave birth just hours apart.

The three baby cousins entered the world more like triplets when Clonfad sisters Mairead Fitzpatrick, Joelyn Godfrey, Bernie Ward all had babies delivered in Mayo General Hospital, in Castlebar, on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Mairead and baby Thomas Óg, Joelyn and newborn Sorcha and Bernie and baby Phelim posed for the cameras.

A fourth sister, Christina Murray, is overdue and was also hoping to have her baby last night.

Ms Fitzpatrick said no one was expecting the multiple births on the same day.

"We just never realised it would all happen on the one day," she said.

"I was the first one to go at 3.25am and then my sister had her little girl, Sorcha, at 11am.

"Then Bernie's boy Phelim was born last night at about half eight.

"The two girls that delivered my little boy delivered Bernie's boy as well… so two women delivered two cousins in 24 hours," she added.

"It was my first (Thomas Og), and Joelyn's second, Bernie's third, and Christina, this will be her fourth," Ms Fitzpatrick told RTE News.

Ms Fitspatrick said the family were keeping their fingers crossed that Christina would also give birth last night, or early today.

"There's four girls, there's five of us altogether in the house, and one brother," she said. "It was just so funny the way it happened.

"I was due on Friday the 28th of August, Joeline was actually sectioned, she was booked in for a section yesterday, it was her second baby.

"And Bernie was due today.

"Christina is still waiting for her little one, she was due on Sunday, the 30th of August."

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